what is it all about?

It began with an urgent appeal for blood.

In 2013, Tabarraa co-founder Jean-Louis Jamous was desperately seeking donors for a dear family member. He tried to find some, but was limited by the system. Jamous and partner Romero Habib designed, created and funded the free Tabarraa app.

Why Tabarraa?

Does Lebanon need another blood donation service? It can seem like we have many organizations for the purpose. Unfortunately, for many families, the process can still be difficult, frustrating and not quick enough. When an emergency hits, people are only given a limited list of contacts who may or may not be able to donate.

Individuals turn to friends and strangers to meet their needs. Using phones, social media, and word of mouth, they seek donors across the country.

This is where Tabarraa comes in, by making the grassroots connections more direct.

Tabarraa's uniqueness

Tabarraa solves two problems. Firstly, it links users to a much wider network of volunteers and vice versa. Secondly, it lets users search by Area and Blood Type, which makes the whole process more efficient.

Used alongside the country’s medical centers and organizations, the Tabarraa process is a genuine help. Here’s hoping it helps you too – whether it’s your family, friend, or loved one.